Thursday, 5 December 2019

Summer Skin Care Tips, Protect Your Skin from Heat and Sun

Summer is back again with sun beating down so heavy. Summer in India is always a trouble for Indians. You expect the temperature to rise above as high as 50 degrees centigrade in some parts of the country. When it is summer, you talk about skin darkening, rashes and skin tan. It’s really difficult to cope up with summer especially for people with oily skins. You can do a little bit to keep your skin health during summer. These summer care health tips can help you to maintain a health and glowing skin throughout the hot summer.
• Try to avoid going out in noon times, if it’s inevitable use a sun screener lotion.
• Apply sunscreen lotion on all sun exposed places 15 minutes before you go out in sun.
• Try clean your face with cool water regularly.
• Use good moisturizing cream to keep skin moisturized all the time.
• Drink plenty of water as dehydration effects directly show on skin.
• Use natural face packs to give the extra nourishment the skin needed during summer.
• Use only the soaps which are not harsh to the skin.
• Men need to use a good shaving lotion during summer to avoid prolonged irritation.
Apart from these skin care tips, you need to follow and a good lifestyle and maintain a healthy summer diet to keep your skin and yourself healthy in summer. Good diet which includes high content of Vitamin E surely helps your skin to be healthier in summer. If you have fair skin, you should take much more care to prevent possible skin darkening. These simple and practical summer skin care tips can help you to maintain glowing skin under burning sun!

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