Thursday, 5 December 2019

Mobile Phones Can Cause Brain Cancer, Says WHO Scientists

Brain cancer, the name itself sends chills down your spine! As it is such a fatal disease, no one would like even to hear this name in their lives. Brain cancer is one of the most dangerous and hard to treat by cancers in human body. Brain is the key component of the human body and the latest research on this human computer has given some interesting results.
A study was conducted by none other than WHO (World Health Organization) about brain cancer risk with regard to mobile phone usage. After conducting this test on around 13,000 people from all over the world, WHO has finally confirmed the link between brain cancer and mobile phones. According to WHO, if you talk on your mobile phone for 30 minutes a day for another 10 years, the brain cancer risk will be very high.

You might sit back and relax thinking 30 minutes a day for another ten years is long way to go. But surely that’s not right, people started using phone right from their childhood these days. So ten years is not really a big time and people have to very careful on this.

Limit your mobile phone usage, and stay away from brain cancer risk.

Weight Loss Diet is the Best Way to Lose Weight, Says Health Experts

Weight loss diet is the best option for losing weight, according to health experts. People try out many things to too many ways to lose weight, but eventually most of them end up with no results. Some people will prefers working out, some prefer pills and some people love the painless way to lose weight. Losing weight can be very difficult, but weight loss diet is the best option of all to lose weight quickly.
Neil Johnson, a weight loss expert said, “Weight loss diet is one of the few working ways to lose over weight, and yea, obviously it’s the painless way to lose fat”

Weight loss diet ensures a low and steady input of calories and curbs excess calories converting in fat. Weight loss diet should be low in carbs, and should be protein and fiber rich with essential minerals. Many people tend to confuse between crash diet and weight loss diet. Crash diet is completely a different thing, where you force yourself to starve with very little food intake. But weight loss diet is moreover a nutritious diet where you stop unwanted calories, carbs and fats entering your body while keeping up with protein and mineral content in food.

To lose weight quickly, try to add a little exercise like jogging or running early in the morning. This just helps to speed up your fat loss.

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